Grow your pipeline with unfair advantage 

Kanlet is a modern prospecting hub which generates prospects,
identifies relationships with them, tracks them, provides their buyer intent
and enriches your CRM.

Top GTM teams have adopted the Kanlet way


AI driven sales execution platform to increase qualified leads and generate more revenue

Kanlet provides the modules to for sales and marketing teams to build qualified pipeline
all seamlessly integrated in a single platform.

What`s possible with modules of Kanlet Platform? 

Find accurate B2B contact data 
Track key accounts and contacts
Leverage your Network
Tap into intent signals
Enrich your CRM data

A smart B2B database focused on quality and accuracy of data

Millions of verified profiles, emails, and mobile numbers

Verified in real-time for high accuracy and quality

Capture and sync contacts to your sequences in seconds

Write personalized prospecting emails tailored to your value propositions

Custom data acquisition based on ICP


Purpose-built for sales teams, loved by everyone

Designed with SDRs, Sales, and RevOps in mind, Kanlet is your streamlined platform for supercharging your pipeline generation.

Account Executive

Find influencers on current opportunities, track buying signals for assigned accounts, and start creating your pipeline.

Kanlet for

Sales Leaders and Account Executives

SDR Leaders & SDRs 

Revenue & Sales Operations

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