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We help go-to-market teams build high-converting and qualified pipeline rapidly and operationalize it with true automation.

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Why Kanlet?

GTM data infrastructure is broken

  • Unseen signals and triggers

Does your GTM team miss 90% of the modern funnel?

The modern buyer journey occurs across multiple tools or in dark funnel channels. As a result, GTM teams have limited (or zero) visibility on buyer identity, intent, and context and are unable to act on them.

  • Overlooked RELATIONSHIP data

What's your unfair advantage in prospecting?

Over 90% of the company's collective network data remains invisible and untapped. Also, alumni customers + new jobs = hot leads, but companies miss 85% of these sales opportunities and fail to retarget their champions and advocates.

  • Manual workflows

Are you trapped in data drudgery and manual efforts?

Sales reps spend 72% of their week on non-selling activities. They battle tab fatigue and dig through dozens of interfaces to piece together a complete view of the customer—an impossible task when you don’t even know what you’re missing.

  • Siloed buyer data

Does the disconnected data cause your analysis paralysis?

Most organizations run their GTM operations using dozens of point solutions. They create bloated tech stacks that go unused or offer a sliver of insights instead of the whole picture.

Meet Kanlet

Introducing Kanlet

Kanlet builds a connected data infrastructure to capture, merge, and enrich buyers data from every channel you care about to tap into the modern buyer journey.

oUR Solutions

What you can do with Kanlet



Find, capture, and sync leads easily at scale with access to a B2B database of 150+ million contacts using our advanced Chrome extension.



Open new doors, discover new leads, and penetrate new accounts and markets by harnessing your company’s collective network.



Unlock a new source of pipeline and accelerate deals by re-engaging with your biggest advocates—previous buyers, champions, key end users, and warm prospects—at their new companies. Prospect with an unfair advantage.


Capture, merge, and enrich signals from every channel you care about. With Kanlet's data enrichment prowess, enrich existing contacts and accounts and maintain relevancy.

use cases

Purpose-built for GTM teams

Ready for GTM

Supporting the entire GTM function

Kanlet is your streamlined platform for your entire go-to-market (GTM) team to hit their goals.

Customer Success

Prevent Churn

When a champion or a buyer leaves, that immediately puts a renewal at risk. Even worse is when you find out about it while starting those renewal talks. With contact tracking CSMs can proactively work their accounts as key champions and buyers leave, helping reduce churn which is so critical today.

Demand Generation

Reduce CAC

Allocate spend to more efficient lead channels. Customer alumni and leads from your network occur organically with time, outperform most MQLs, and are significantly more cost-effective.


Improve Sales Efficiency

BDRs and AEs are empowered to connect with a deeper perspective, run proven plays, and convert pipelines faster than ever before.


Unlock a new pipeline channel

Former champions, dark funnel signals, and relationship intelligence fuel a new type of "organic" inbound leads and become a new pipeline source, which marketing can use to nurture and hand off to the sales team.


Accurate, relevant & cleaner CRM

Kanlet refreshes your data every month – flagging old contacts, updating existing ones, and creating new ones - helping RevOps keep your CRM cleaner.

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Elevate prospecting to new heights

Deploy Kanlet to build a bigger and more qualified pipeline, shorten your sales cycles and win more often.

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