• Signal

Tap into the buyer
like never before

Get a unified view and automate using every signal across social, product, CRM, and more.

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  • Signal

Capture, merge, and enrich signals from every channel you care about. No more grunt work and guesswork. Quickly qualify and engage the right people.

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Feature Highlights

  • Dynamic data sync

Automate buyer research at scale

Capture, merge, and enrich buyer signals to understand the buyer journey

  • Decoding purchase intent

Understand your buyers’ movements, preferences, and pain points

Spot high-quality leads for targeted outreach

  • Drive engagement with personalization

Ensure every buyer interaction is timely
and relevant

Reach out your buyers with the right messages at the right time

  • Build repeatable plays intelligently

Put your GTM plays on autopilot with intelligent automations

Power your proven sales plays with buyer signals, AI and automation

How it Works

  • Add list of your Accounts and Contacts

    Specify your accounts and contacts, whether or not they are in your CRM.

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  • Centralize siloed data points

    Capture, merge, and enrich intent signals on your accounts and contacts from every channel you care about.

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  • Enrich your Accounts and Contacts

    Quickly enrich your prospects with data - job changes, contact info, cross-channel activities, product usage, firmographic details, tech stack, etc.

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  • Power your outreach with intelligence

    Take action on high-intent signals with the right prospects and the right messages.

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