• Track

Retarget previous customers and users to outperform competitors

Unlock a new source of pipeline and accelerate deals by re-engaging with your customers, users, champions and prospects at their new companies.

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  • track

Track your key contacts and accounts for any job changes and surface them in your CRM as warm leads. Shorten your time to revenue.

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Feature Highlights

  • Your new pipeline channel

Uncover new accounts by targeting people who already know your product

Surface new leads when former relationships move to ICP accounts

  • Outbound that feels like inbound

Engage contacts 6x more likely to meet and 2.5x more likely to close

Personalize outreach with context on every lead's past relationship with your business

  • Prevent churn proactively

Identify opportunities and threats when new executives join your accounts

Get an alert when your champions leave and trigger “Churn prevention” playbook

  • Implement and scale with ease

Integrate with your existing workflows to keep your team in the zone

Integrate with CRM to automate monthly job-change refreshes

How it Works

  • Add list of your key contacts

    Kanlet Chrome extension works best alongside Sales Navigator and Gmail.

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  • Monitor movement of your key Contacts

    See your searches and lists mirrored in Kanlet with contact data in real-time.

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  • Capture in your workflow

    Begin your outreach directly from Kanlet. Just choose the sequence or cadence.

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  • Enrich the contacts

    Kanlet creates or updates the record in your CRM and sales engagement tools.

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Ready to build a high-converting pipeline with an unfair advantage?

Know when your champions, buyers, and decision-makers change jobs

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