Why we started Kanlet

Our mission is to develop an advanced data infrastructure to help B2B companies put their GTM motions on autopilot.

Kanlet was founded to streamline B2B Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies, automating the complex data terrain for clarity and action.

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The GTM data
infrastructure is
broken and failing.

Today, the modern buyer journey happens across many tools and channels. And the prospecting data, context, buyer intent and triggers are hidden, siloed, disconnected, and live in individual tools. Navigating through these multitudes of tools and channels, today's GTM teams require unified data to find the best prospects, pinpoint sales triggers, discern buyer intent, and engage them timely with personalization.

An overlooked secret

Kanlet answers this call by forging a connected framework to capture, merge, and enrich buyers' data from every channel you care about to tap into the modern buyer journey.

Kanlet connects all the dots in your GTM data framework

It uses advanced LLMs to create a self-organizing GTM knowledge graph

Integrate buyer data seamlessly to build pipelines and close deals efficiently

Meet the Visionary
Behind Kanlet

Satish Patil
Founder & CEO of Kanlet

Satish Patil, a serial entrepreneur comes with a strong background with more than 12 years of experience in AI and ML innovation. Satish holds a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, USA and a B.Tech from the University of Mumbai, India. 

The inception of his entrepreneurial journey took shape with Crysagi Systems where he served as the Founder and CEO. At Crysagi, Satish played a pivotal role in advising global players across diverse sectors on data science, AI, and Analytics, ultimately leading to its acquisition by CoreView Systems. Then Satish embarked on his second venture, Mitibase. Here, his focus shifted to assisting B2B companies in optimizing their relationships and networks. 

Presently, Satish is the Founder & CEO of Kanlet, shaping its vision and driving its mission forward. Beyond his role as a company founder, Satish extends his influence by advising young entrepreneurs and start-ups on strategy, growth, and investment matters.

Satish Patil
Founder & CEO of Kanlet

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